viernes, 12 de julio de 2013

Armie Field - Bigger Boobs!!

Hello Everyone!! If You use to read this site, You should already know Armie Field, one of the hottest models all over the Internet and the world, and She is my Favorite model by far. If you didn't read my past articles about her (including an interview with her) you can check them HERE.

We all know Armie is so beautiful and sexy, thats not any news, but now, She is EVEN MORE sexy, hot and beautiful, are You asking how did She become even more Amazing??? Well, now She has Bigger Boobs!!!!!!! She has 1300cc Super Boobs!!!!!

When I saw the pictures of her new breast I was totally Stunned, Armie always made me melt but now She is even more incredible. If You like big boobs, Armie Field is the best example for that. But of course She is not only a pair of amazinf Boobs, She is the sexiest filipina all over this world, the best Actiongirl Model, an amazing person, great artist!!! and she loves her Fans.

I'm really happy and I have to say Thanks to Armie for sharing with us, your loyal fans, your new shape, and working a lot to give us the best of You.

Now I will share with You all some pictures from Armie and her new Boobs!!! And of course, if you want to see a lot of pictures of her, check them at Actiongirls.com!! You will love these pictures!!

Now that you saw Armie's new boobs, don't You love her even more? I do!! I would love to hug her ;)
Did you like the pictures?More pictures at Actiongirls.com!

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