lunes, 13 de mayo de 2013

Veronika Zemanová

Hi! I'm writing today about Veronika Zemanová! She is a Czech nude model. She was born in April 14, 1975, in a small town, and then she moved to Prague when She was 18. Veronika is clearly one of the sexiest women in this world.

When She was young, her ambitions weren't modeling at all, She worked as a photographer, but all her equipment was stolen from a car, forcing her to give up to her photography career. She worked as photographer assistant. Some years later, after working doing things that didn't make Veronika so proud, She finally decided to start modeling.

Her works are extraordinarily good and Her beauty is infinite. She has a perfect body, with amazing lips and eyes, and of course, Her breast is amazing. Veronika has appeared in many of U.S. and U.K. magazines, like Playboy and MayFair.

She worked with Scotty JX for Actiongirls too, and Her sets were incredible, I really recommend to see her work with Scotty. On my opinion, her best Videos and Pictures are from Actiongirls, where her beauty is extremely highlighted, and of course, you can see her in Action, with guns, fire, tanks, etc. Right now, Veronika is retired from modeling, but if you join Actiongirls you can enjoy all the set She made for Scotty (there are plenty of them).

Well, This is Veronika!

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