lunes, 5 de agosto de 2013

A Gift from Marie-Claude Bourbonnais

Today was an Amazing day, Christmas came early for me this year. Someone knocked on my door today, was the postman who gave me something really really Amazing. A gift from Marie-Claude Bourbonnais!!

I wrote an article about Marie-Claude some weeks ago and then I talked to her about it (you can read it HERE), She read the article and liked it, that made me
extremely happy!!! I really loved to write about Marie-Claude and it was an amazing feeling talking with her and knowing that She liked what i wrote about her. But that's not all! She asked my shipping adress and She sent me a wonderful gift =D

This is much more than I could ask for... I've got a lot of autographed pictures from the most beautiful woman!!! When I opened the package today I couldn't believe!!! I can't even describe how Happy I am with this. I really admire Marie-Claude so much, and getting this gift from her is incredible for me.

 The best Yoko ever!!!

I wanted to share
hese picturestwith you all because I am so happy today. You all know I write the articles because I love to do it, and of course I do it for free. Knowing when a model liked what I wrote is fantastic and that is all I want, writing something good for the fans and the models is my goal. But Marie-Claude gave me a special reward today and she made me feel that this is the best job in the world!!!! :)

If you are reading this Marie-Claude, I want to say, Thank you! thank you a lot!! for your amazing work as model/cosplayer, for this gift, for taking some of your time to answer my messages, and specially for being such a nice person, because You are not just a super model, you are a great person too, I will save this in my heart!!!

Please, dont forget to visit her website: www.mcbourbonnais.com/

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