sábado, 25 de mayo de 2013

Wendy Fiore / Wendy Combattente / Wendy 4

Hi! Today Im going to bring you an amazing model, Wendy Fiore!. She is an American glamour model with huge boobs. Her Bra size is 32K, and her breast is Natural!! She was born in Chicago, in December 21. She started modeling in 2009. She is also known as Wendy Combattente and Wendy 4.

Well, she is not only famous cause her boobs, She is incredible beautiful!, Wendy is sexy and she made a lot of diferent picture sets being so sexy in all of them. In her website you can see her in a lot of amazing videos too.

She is known for attending parties wearing clothes with very deep cleavage and being Crazy as hell.

Her skin color, lips, sexy face and of course er super sexy boobs, make her one of my favourites.

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