lunes, 29 de abril de 2013

Armie Field

Hello Everyone! Today Im going to introduce you a very very special model, Armie Flores (aka Armie Field). She is not just an amazing woman with body of a goddess, She is an artist too! She is really skilled with painting and drawing! And something else, wich is very important, she is a great person and very kind with all her fans, and that make us love her even more.

I talked with her before writing this report, asking for her permission to make it, and she was very nice with me and of course wanted me to do it, plus she wants to read it when its finished, that is why im writing in english this time, and then i will translate to spanish in another entry. Thanks so Much Armie =D

Armie is Filipina, but currently living in Los Angeles. She was born in a poor neighborhood with seven sisters, and a single mother. Her life wasn't easy, but she fought for her dreams, she never gave up, and she kept going until she became an amazing Artist.

Armie works as modeling, mainly for ACTIONGIRLS, actually, her husband is Scotty JX, owner of actiongirls.com, website wich I recommend, it has a looot of beautiful women with excellent productions, but the main reason to join Actiongirls is, of course, Armie! If you look in a dictionary for the definition of "sexy", Armie Field is what you will find there!

Well, there is no doubt I'm very happy to introduce you all this woman, I'm a fan of her since the first time i saw her some years ago, and I know that if you didn't know her before, now you will be fans of her too!

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